Valent designs and manufactures dedicated outdoor air handling units that require robust cabinets and components to effectively condition 100% outdoor air — on the coldest winter or the most humid summer day. Efficient manufacturing allows affordable products while raising the bar on quality. They’ve applied years of application knowledge to create flexible control sequences for thousands of high outdoor air installations.

Products Carried

  • Packaged RTUs for High Outdoor Air Applications
  • Compact Footprint Energy Recovery Units
  • Fan Array Solutions

Featured Product: Valent VXE and VXC Packaged Rooftops

All rooftop units are designed to cool, heat, and dehumidify a wide range of entering air loads, up to to 100% outdoor air. The packaged rooftops can also be used in mixed air applications due to their value-added features, which include inverter scroll compressors, ultra-quiet condensing fans, pre-engineered control sequences, and durable components.

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