Seresco strives to create dehumidification solutions that revolutionize the industry and set new standards for quality, performance, and reliability. They have made innovation and product improvement a never-ending quest that allows them to consistently move the goalposts in a product category that has not historically been known for innovation.


Seresco’s attention to detail makes them the number one choice for discriminating clients who want a low overall cost of ownership and a product they can rely on.

Products Carried

  • Commercial and Residential Natatorium Dehumidification Systems

Featured Product: Hybrid Series

The Seresco Hybrid Series provides the simplicity, reliability, and efficiency of ventilation-based dehumidification for indoor pools, plus a refrigeration circuit to provide air conditioning as required.

Typical pool dehumidifiers use a refrigeration circuit to cool air below its dew point and remove moisture, before reheating it and delivering it back to the space. While effective, it can also be desirable to use outdoor air to manage indoor humidity levels when the conditions are right.

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