Introducing Daikin’s Rebel Applied Rooftop Unit

Daikin Packaged Rooftop Unit

Introducing Daikin’s Rebel Applied Rooftop Unit

Rebel Applied rises above its class with industry leading high-performance design, maximum energy efficiency, lowest lifecycle cost, and unlimited configurability. Offering the latest in modular cabinet design flexibility, Rebel Applied is the ideal rooftop unit (RTUs) solution for both new construction and retrofit applications.

Healthy Indoor Spaces

The Rebel Applied packaged rooftop solution uses Sorbent Ventilation Technology (SVT) to remove CO2, VOCs and other contaminants using sorbent filtration that absorbs pollutants while allowing oxygen and water to pass through freely, resulting in cleaner air. When applied using ASHRAE 62.1’s IAQ Procedure (IAQP), SVT provides the clean air changes needed for healthy indoor spaces, allowing building operators to decrease the volume of outdoor air needed and the total cooling load of their buildings, simplifying retrofits, enhancing IAQ, while trimming annual operating expenses by up to 30%.

These packaged rooftop units are suitable for healthcare facilities, educational buildings, as well as office and commercial spaces.

Inverter Scroll Compressor Technology Maximizes Efficiency

The inverter scroll compressor technology dynamically responds to match the load of a building, delivering precision temperature control with adaptive refrigeration technology for maximal energy efficiency in this Daikin packaged rooftop unit.

Featured & Benefits of the Rebel Applied Packaged Rooftop Units

  1. Thermal Breaks: Eliminate energy-robbing direct conduction paths with integral panel thermal breaks.
  2. ECM Fan Array: Eliminate fan belt and bearing maintenance costs while maximizing efficiency with modulating and redundant ECM fan arrays.
  3. Gas Heat: Increase energy savings and efficiencies with a 100°F temperature rise furnace that includes modulating options ranging from 5:1 to 100:1 turndown.
  4. R-13 Cabinetry: Save operational costs and improve IAQ with double-wall foam construction rated for applications up to 8” of static pressure.
  5. Configurable Design: Eliminate transition curbs and optimize serviceability and access with 4″ incremental lengths that simplify retrofit applications.
  6. Indoor Air Quality: Produce cleaner, healthier air with advanced high efficiency filtration, energy recovery, outdoor air flow measuring, beltless fans, and double-wall construction.
  7. High Efficiency Scroll Compressors: Reduce power consumption and increase discharge air temperature control to maximize operating efficiencies.
  8. Filtration Options: Configure equipment filtration for applications requiring superior filtration with cartridge filters up to MERV 16 and HEPA final filters.

If you have any questions on the Daikin Rebel Applied packaged rooftop units, please call (248) 276-3300 or fill out the form on the ThermalNetics contact page.

Read more about this Daikin Packaged RTU on the product Sell Sheet (pdf).

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