Summer Parts Promotion 2023

Refrigerant Components & Accessories

Summer Promotion

July 10 – September 30, 2023

From July 10 to September 30, qualifying purchases of over $300 in refrigerant components and accessories earn you camping items, a ThermalNetics branded YETI tumbler, and a chance to win tickets to a NFL Monday Night Football Game.

How It Works

With each purchase totaling $300 or more of qualifying parts, customers receives:

  • A carbine tactical knife (OR) rechargeable tactical flashlight
  • One (1) entry into grand prize drawing

With each purchase totaling $600 or more of qualifying parts, the customer receives:

  • Premium giveaway item: YETI tumbler*
  • Two (2) entries into grand prize drawing

*while supplies last

Purchase totals are not cumulative (e.g., two $150 purchases do not equal one $300 purchase). However, customers may receive multiple prizes per month if they have multiple purchases that each meet the $300 or $600 threshold for qualifying parts.

Monthly Giveaways

Cabelas Gift Cards

March Giveaway:

Cabelas Gift Card ($100)

April Giveaway:

Cabelas Gift Card ($100)

May Giveaway:

Cabelas Gift Card ($100)

Grand Prize

4 tickets to the Monday Night Football Game featuring the Detroit Lions versus the Las Vegas Raiders on October 30th, 2023.

Summer Promo Give Away

Qualifying Refrigerant Components, Parts And Accessories:

Refrigeration Lubricant

refrigeration additives oils and other tools

Solenoid Valves & Coils, Reversing Valves, TXVs and Hot Gas Bypass Valves

Summer Promo Valves

Bluon TdX20

Bluon TdX20

Other parts that qualify for this promotion include sight glasses.

Non-qualifying parts: Refrigerant, compressor, condenser coil, evaporator coil