Spring Parts Promotion 2024

Slam Dunk Service

We have Refrigerants and Components in Stock

March 11 – May 31, 2024

Defend your zone with trustworthy, high-quality refrigerants and components.

At ThermalNetics, we understand keeping your clients operational and comfortable requires a rapid return to service.

We will keep you out of the red zone when you need refrigerant and components urgently.

Our Starting Lineup

ThermalNetics maintains an extensive stock of refrigerants and refrigerant components to ensure you can pivot quickly to deliver on your promise of optimal client comfort.

Although purchasing and handling refrigerant may initially seem simple, it can rapidly become a complication if suppliers do not maintain a robust supply chain and sufficient stock.

ThermalNetics retains an extensive inventory, including:


  • R-410A
  • R-22
  • Bluon TdX20


  • Acid tests
  • Refrigerant oil
  • Leak detector spray
  • Hermetic filters and filter driers
  • Core style filter driers and filters
  • Sight glasses
  • Solenoid valves and coil
  • TXVs or Thermostatic Expansion Valves
  • Reversing valves

Refrigerants - bluon TdX 20 and R-410A

Refrigerant Components - Refrigeration Oil, Additives & Lubricant

The Best Defense

For service technicians and contractors, ready refrigerant supply and components are only part of the game.

In the HVACR service industry, suitable and high-quality refrigerant availability is vital when mission-critical equipment needs to be returned to service quickly and efficiently.

Concerns over issues with refrigerant contamination, counterfeit products, and using recycled refrigerant without proper identification have increased throughout the industry.

Contractors and service technicians rely on dependable partners to quickly supply the needed quantities of high-quality, trustworthy refrigerants — with adequate documentation.

ThermalNetics takes pride in sourcing trustworthy refrigerants, ready to assist contractors and technicians in resolving an equipment failure and ensure a speedy return to system operation.

Double Team

The range of refrigerants currently available to a service contractor has never been more diverse.

ThermalNetics understands the importance of speedy and simplified selection.

Our pro team is ready to assist in selecting the refrigerant or components for your project demands.

Beat the Buzzer

Our team at ThermalNetics is ready to assist you and power forward to deliver
superior client service!

Contact our parts counter today or scan the QR code to discuss quantities, capacity options, and competitive pricing.

Replacement Refrigerant Valves / Refrigerant Components

How It Works

With each purchase totaling $300 or more of qualifying parts, customers receives:

  • A carbine tactical knife (OR) rechargeable tactical flashlight
  • One (1) entry into grand prize drawing

With each purchase totaling $600 or more of qualifying parts, the customer receives:

  • Premium giveaway item: YETI tumbler*
  • Two (2) entries into grand prize drawing

*while supplies last

Purchase totals are not cumulative (e.g., two $150 purchases do not equal one $300 purchase). However, customers may receive multiple prizes per month if they have multiple purchases that each meet the $300 or $600 threshold for qualifying parts.

Monthly Giveaways

We’ll do a drawing each month of customers who have entered into the promotion to give away a $100 gift card to Home Depot or Lowes.

March Giveaway:

Home Depot/Lowes Gift Card ($100)

Gift Card for Refrigerant Promo

April Giveaway:

Home Depot/Lowes Gift Card ($100)

Gift Card for Refrigerant Promo

May Giveaway:

Home Depot/Lowes Gift Card ($100)

Gift Card for Refrigerant Promo

Grand Prize

Tool bag with tools.

Spring Promotions Grand Prize