50th Anniversary

ThermalNetics - Innovative HVAC Solutions

ThermalNetics’ 50TH ANNIVERSARY

The Daikin Road Show

Date & Time

October 26 & 27, 2023
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

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Event Location

ThermalNetics location in Auburn Hills, MI
ThermalNetics Office
3955 Pinnacle Court
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Training Sessions

(PDH Available)

  • Air Cooled Chillers: Learn about the details that make Daikin’s air-cooled chiller products uniquely suited to exceed your expectations and solve your problems intelligently. We will provide an overview of our air-cooled chiller lineup, along with the key technologies enabling them. We will demonstrate their value through use of quantitative examples and scenarios.
  • Sorbent Ventilation Technology in Daikin Equipment: How to apply SVT, and select & optimize your job for the win.
  • Emerging Chiller Technology – How it Will Affect Your System Choice (PDH): For the past few years, the chiller market has been trending more and more toward air-cooled chillers. Learn about the key technologies that have enabled air-cooled chillers to grow in popularity, and how to evaluate the various costs when choosing between an air-cooled and water-cooled system.
  • The Future of Refrigerants – Change is All Around Us (PDH): Significant changes within HVAC systems will affect all stakeholders. Hear an executive summary to learn the drivers, the status of safety standards and building codes, and the refrigerants selected by manufacturers.
  • What’s New in ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022 (PDH): Learn how to apply the IAQP to achieve energy efficiency goals and meet ASHRAE 62.1 code while reducing outside air.
  • QPac: Understand the benefits of ECM fan module technology in new, replacement and retrofit applications. Learn how to apply ECM fan module systems in critical applications. Learn how to engineer, design and specify this type of fan module system.
  • GPS: Soft Ionization, as accomplished by Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) is contrasted from Hard Ionization (BPI). GPS Soft Ionization technology helps clean indoor air without producing harmful levels of ozone or other byproducts. All GPS needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI™) products are UL certified and CE compliant. Through NPBI, GPS products help improve the air by reducing airborne particles including certain odors, viruses and bacteria. BPI or Hard Ionization is linked with both ozone generation and potentially harmful byproducts. Opti-Lok is a technology that mitigates wildfire smoke along with other harmful elements that come from outdoor ventilation air and also enhances filter performance even elevating MERV ratings.
  • BAC: Advances in Cooling Technology: The latest innovations in drive system, materials and hybrid technologies.
  • Daikin VRV Design/Specification Best Practices: Join Daikin to review VRV design/specification best practices and the launch of HERO, the world’s first comprehensive remote monitoring platform for VRV systems. HERO’s real-time streaming and simplified visualization of operational data, run history, and predictive failure alerts offer an enhanced owner experience while helping to reduce potential repair cost and down time.

Food Truck Fun and More!

Pita Post Food Truck

The Pita Post Food Truck

Bigalora Wood Fired Pizza Truck

Bigalora Food Truck

Detroit Mini Donut

Detroit Mini Donut

Detroit Mobile Axe Truck

Cappuccino Man

Cappuccino Man

Simply Spirits

Simply Spirits

Happy Hour Bar Cart
2:30 – 4:30pm Thursday

Exciting Raffle Prizes!

  • Yeti cooler
  • 36” Blackstone griddle/airfryer
  • Blackstone pizza oven with stand
  • Red Wings Tickets vs. Anaheim
  • Detroit Lions Tickets vs. Bears
  • And More!
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